Web system development


There are many engineers and programmers in SP and we develop system including web.
We can handle various cases such as launching new system, adding functions to existing system and adding new system.

Language and program support

It is possible to develop various languages from web service to client system. We can build system from 0 and also can meet various requirements including system renovation/
additional implementation, maintenance and operational support of existing system.

※Language supporting is just an example. It is possible to support language that isn't in the list.


Past Works

  • ひかりTV
  • auウォレット
  • TVasahi
  • Original CMS development
  • Core system development
  • EC site development
  • Web application development
  • Internal groupware development
  • Application development for smart phone

Development support service

We do not only receive entrusted development, but also provide service with necessary engineers/members in necessary period for system development and software development and maintenance, operation and replacement of existing system in business operation of our company.
While we propose engineer with high skill, chain of command of operation receives SP, so also lead to workload reduction. In addition, we can support clients in certain period, so it is unnecessary to employ staffs then cost will be reduced.

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