Multilingual translation service


Our translation service can introduce any of machine translation and translation by native translators or both and achieve translation with high accuracy suitable for person and device reading.

Reasons to select SP


Support language of 40 countries and regions

We provide translation of 40 countries and regions. It is possible to translate languages in various fields such as homepage, publications and letters.


Also adjust layout after translation

It is necessary to review starting new line of articles again due to translation. When need layout and design, propose the optimal web and reconstruction of publications.


Think over target to translate articles

When grasp target audience by homepage and publications and don't suppose persona, hold meeting to decide persona and translate articles as reader expect.


No need to check the quality

Not only provide machine translation, but also provide translation by person.
You do not take your time for a double-check and quality check and can reduce the cost due to translation by native translators.


Proveide translation method according to an operation

If it is the translation of homepage, it is possible to send translation request by form/API and submitting text. Provide translation service due to translation target and operation of client's company.


Reasonable price setting

When provide translation from Japanese to Thai, price per character is 9 JPY~. The price fluctuates by contents such as a volume, delivery time and delivery method, but we will provide a translation service at a reasonable price.

Practical usage in wide fields

  • Communications and PR activities
  • Sightseeing
  • Culture, literature and entertainment
  • Business finance
  • Economy, finance and accounting
  • Environment and energy
  • Medical treatment and medicine
  • Law and contract
  • IT, electron and machine

Support language and price list

English Chinese・Korean Language 1 Language 2 Language 3
Difficulty Level A 9 JPY~ 9 JPY~ 9 JPY~ 9 JPY~ 9 JPY~
Difficulty Level B 11 JPY~ 11 JPY~ 11 JPY~ 11 JPY~ 11 JPY~
Difficulty Level C 14 JPY~ 14 JPY~ 14 JPY~ 14 JPY~ 14 JPY~
1.Language Group
Language 1:
Language 2:
Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Lao
Language 3:
Arabic, Nepali, Sinhala, Urdu

※Price per number of translated characters of each language →Japanese ①②

2.Estimated difficulty level
Difficulty Level A:
Personal letters
Difficulty Level B:
Overall business documents including internal materials, manual and various certification documents
Difficulty Level C:
Translation need special and expert knowledge including finance, technical documentation and contracts etc. and publications(advertisement and pamphlet)needs careful proofreading

※Rough standard of number of character after translation
400 characters of Japanese=Thai 1000 bytes (equivalent to 100 words))=English 180 words

Support language of 37 countries and regions!

  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Mongolian
  • Hindi
  • Malay
  • Lao
  • Khmer
  • Korean
  • Thai
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