International e-Commerce in It’s Latest Form – arium, the World’s Only Permanently-Free e-Commerce Site-Builder


Special & Pleasant Pte. Ltd. Singapore (a company which provides support for e-commerce websites as well as general translation services) are as of September 17th 2018 releasing “arium 1.0” – the world’s first and only platform to offer free creation of customized webpages for international e-commerce. The initial release supports selling from Japan to other countries, and as development continues support will be added for selling from any country to any other country.


<International e-commerce Market Size>

The worldwide Internet population is surging year by year, and ongoing improvements to the functionality of websites and to international shipping services (as wells as increasing acceptance of a variety of different online payment methods) has enabled people in many countries to buy with confidence products from any other country at extremely low prices and at the same high quality levels that they expect from brick-and-mortar stores, which has resulted in explosive growth in the international e-commerce market in every region of the world. Total worldwide revenue for international e-commerce in 2016 was US$400 billion, and it is projected to reach US$994 billion by 2020.



<Hurdles: Language barrier and international shipment tracking limitations>

Until now there were three main hurdles preventing sellers from offering their products to buyers outside their home countries, forcing even major websites like Amazon to restrict many of their items to domestic sales only. These are:


  1. Logistics

Developed countries like the U.S. and Japan have advanced logistical infrastructure, and packages are generally delivered in pristine condition by the specified date. In developing countries however, sellers are inundated daily with customer complaints over late, lost and damaged shipments. Shipping some items internationally requires special precautions and packaging methods, and some types of products are declined entirely by international shipping services despite the products being legal to sell in both the origin and destination countries.


  1. Language Barrier

If the product to be sold internationally is well-known in the target country, it may be possible to sell it there without any translation at all, but for lesser-known products it is necessary to effectively communicate the utility and safety of the product in the target language. There are automatic translation systems with a high degree of technical accuracy, but it is difficult for the seller to know whether the translation maintains the original nuance. Sellers can hire manual translators, but with current technology they need to limit the number of countries that they deal with due to the impossibility of managing and paying for translators for every language in the world.


  1. International Advertising

Sellers may be familiar enough with their local market to effectively promote their products, but the most effective phraseology to communicate the utility of the product varies wildly depending on the target audience, and sellers need to adapt the wording of their advertising copy to suit the values and customs of the target country. Sellers can hire experts familiar with the target country, but this again results in limiting the number of countries that they deal with due to the impossibility of managing and paying for experts specializing in each and every country in the world.


<World first! A permanently-free international e-commerce site-builder that provides a complete package of translation, payment processing, and logistics>

“arium 1.0” is the world’s first international e-commerce platform that offers a complete package of webpage development, translation, advertising, fulfillment services and international shipping, all performed in-house on a one-stop basis, with no startup costs and zero initial monthly fees.


arium’s algorithms automatically solve all the hurdles involved in international e-commerce. A customized international e-commerce webpage can be set up in as little as one minute and all operations management can be done in the seller’s local language*, which means that sellers can sell internationally just as if they are operating a domestic website.

* The initial release supports selling from Japan to other countries, and as development continues support will be added for selling from any country to any other country.

Sellers who wanted to communicate with and ship to overseas customers, but until now could not overcome the barriers, need only register their products at and they can begin selling in as little as 5 minutes.



・arium 1.0 takes care of all the international shipping hassles

Sellers simply ship their products domestically to our warehouse in their home country, and all packing, handling, export procedures and international delivery of the products are handled by arium 1.0. Partnerships have been formed with shipping companies such as Japan Post Ltd. to ship products via the most efficient international shipping option.

・Optional manual translation

All product information can be registered in the seller’s local language, and will be translated automatically to every other language for free. For additional quality, manual translation by a human translator can also be selected as an optional extra.


・arium 1.0 supports a variety of different payment methods

Almost any imaginable payment method can be implemented on the seller’s customized checkout page. The basic plan supports credit card and PayPal payments, and as an optional extra the sellers can add cash-on-delivery, payment at convenience stores in the buyer’s home country,  WeChat Pay and Alipay.  If a seller would like to introduce a method which is not currently supported, we also can implement that method upon request from the seller.


・arium 1.0 handles the international advertising

arium also assists with international advertising of the sellers’ products. Special & Pleasant Pte. Ltd.  has extensive experience in international e-commerce operations, and will leverage that know-how to conduct sales promotion activities in the target countries.

<arium 2.0 – the Next Generation of arium Currently in Development>

Development has already begun on a decentralized and automated upgrade to arium 1.0 which will be implemented on a next-generation blockchain, dubbed “arium 2.0”. Human translation, affiliate advertising, package tracking and payments will all be handled automatically by an artificial intelligence which operates smart contracts on the Ethereum network. The cryptocurrency which decentralizes the network and funds the development costs will be distributed via crowdsales beginning in November 2018.



<Service Particulars>

Service Name: arium 1.0 (pronounced like the second half of “aquarium” or “planetarium”)

Upfront Costs: 0 yen

Monthly Cost: 0 yen per month

arium 1.0 Official Website:

arium 2.0 Crowdsale Website:



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